How do young people see the world? We hand out cameras to boys and girls and ask them to take snapshots of their life.


Photos of Hope was founded by German journalist Philipp Abresch, driven by the idea of photography as a universal language.




Our cameras are simple and small. They are light, robust, cheap and easy to use. In the hand of kids, these cameras become powerful tools.


By their photos, the young photographers invite us into their world. They provide insights rarely seen before. New perspectives. From their very own point of view. The photographers decide what they want to show and what not.




We believe in young people’s endless creativity. The pictures might be shaky, sometimes blurry, out of focus. That’s because some of the kids never took a photo in their life before. Now they can point at something, capture it and share it to the world.


Often their photographic works become beautiful pieces of art. Unique. Unstaged. Authentic.




Photos of Hope is a documentary project. And its more than that. Our dream is to trigger creativity, self-awareness, interest in the world, and thus help our young photographers to become well-rounded, responsible individuals.


We want to encourage them to express themselves, exchange their views and – if they wish so – to take a first step to change the world they live in.



Take a Photo.

Make a Change.