"It is a great idea to take children serious. 'Imagine' is convincing as a concept and mind-blowing in its realization." Berliner Zeitung

"More instructive than many expert lectures on foreign policy." DER SPIEGEL


"Something like that has never been done before." Geolino


 "The project is based on an equally simple and true consideration: the more we know about each other, the better we understand and get along with each other." Wolfgang Thierse, former President of the German Bundestag


"Often the most exciting things remain hidden to the everyday gaze. The gaze of a child, not yet dulled by routine, can see things more clearly." Deutsche Welle


"Youth is certainly at the forefront of the development agenda and these photographs highlight the importance of their role in today's society as well for future generations." James D. Wolfensohn, former President of the World Bank

"A status quo description of happiness and sadness, dream and fear, desire and reality." Berliner Kurier




Take a Photo.

Make a Change.